Thursday, November 6, 2014

Love and Dandelion

If someone is strong enough to bring you down
Show them you are strong enough to get up


Fido : '' Look at this dandelion...'' Dia cabut sekuntum lagi bunga liar yang tumbuh melata itu. Bunga yang sudah kering. "Kalau awak sayangkan bunga ini, awak akan biarkan ia terbang..walaupun menjauh..walaupun tidak bersama awak. But its the best for it. It will grow again. Will flower again..and all over again. It will charm you with its beauty.
Love is not about possession. 
Love is to let your loved one lead a happy life, no matter how that person chooses it. 
Not prioritising your happiness but their happiness. 
If not, don't call it love. 
Call it possession. 
(Evelyn Rose-13 Jam A380)

----------------- is LOVE
Thank you Allah..
for let me know..and teach me...
what is the meaning of LOVE =)